Delivery fees

We offer 3 options as to how you can receive your order:

Prices may differ based on package weight, these are approximations for informational purpose only.

  • Delivery with Venipak courier
  • Order up to 10kg- Venipak parcel terminal or Venipak pickup point
  • Get your order at our location (Latvija, Valkas novads, Ērģemes pagasts, “Kalnstrīķi”, LV-4711) after everything is paid
Delivery optionWeightPriceVAT 21%Total
Venipak parcel terminal/Pickup point0-10kg4.13€0.87€5€
Venipak courier0-30kg8.26€1.74€10€
Half palette60-350kg 24.79€5.21€30€
Receive order at our locationFree
Delivery fees based on order weight (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)

Delivery might take up to 2-3 days for orders outside of Latvia. Delivery fees are calculated automatically, based on order weight.